Missoula Montana Wedding- Lubrecht Forest

So your couple both have a bachelors in photography, wanna get married at an “experimental” forest and brought their own beer from Portland? Yup, pretty rad.

I met Maggie & Cale in college at Montana State University, while we were spending endless hours in the darkroom following our folly.  Even though they now live in Portland, Oregon they wanted to get married in Montana and I was so thrilled when they contacted me. And then I got nervous. They aren’t the first photographers I have worked with but jeez, both of them have a B.A. NO pressure at all. Thoughts of their sophisticated projects in school swirling through my head, would they think my “look this way, kisses!” spiel cheesy?  Probably.

But it was awesome. We all had a great time and it pushed me to be a little more analytical of my shots that day and that is always a good thing.

Now on to their big day- they choose the Lubrecht Experimental Forest outside of Missoula, Montana for their wedding and reception. And what is an experimental forest? Well, beyond being a super cool place where you can visit and stay, it is where University of Montana students and faculty study and research forest conservation and such.

Cale brought in his own beer as he is now working towards his passion for making beer, I had a tasty IRA (Indian Red Ale) or two?

The ceremony was held in a meadow surrounded by a beautiful forest of evergreen, aspen trees and open blue skies. I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful sanctuary for a ceremony. The whole day was fun, simple and classy, exactly what I would expect from these two. I know they will be happy, I have seen it in the years I have known them. Some people just know how to do that.

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