Good to Meet You


I am a Bozeman, Montana wedding photographer and happy to travel anywhere in Montana and beyond!
I love traveling to new places, seeing rad things and taking photos.
I believe in taking photography seriously, not myself. I like to dream big and want to see the world. I love the little things in life whether it's a good cup of tea or the perfect song for the moment. I am a light chaser - lover of the warm light at sunset. I was raised in Montana and Alaska but prefer a hotel with a comfy bed over camping. I am weird like that. I really enjoy learning your little quirks too. What is it that you love?
After getting my B.A. in photography from Montana State University I fell head over heels with photographing weddings. Beautitful details, people in love and cake!!
Since 2009, I have shared in many amazing stories, met some awesome couples and truly consider it a privilege to be part of it all. Every wedding is an adventure, I want to photograph yours.



Artfully crafted. Always up for adventure.

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