Kendra & Colter- Bozeman

Kendra + Colter are getting married in Big Timber, Montana this summer. But first we did a super fun photo shoot in Bozeman! We planned to go downtown but it was too crowded due to a Bobcat football pep rally. Ironic really as they are big Bobcat fans, but not what we had in mind for our shoot. Then it rained. But I had a cute umbrella handy, yep, I like to be prepared! Then we got an incredible, dramatic blue sky with a rainbow. The erratic nature of our weather in the Rockies leads to some serious rewards, if you are willing to get rained on!

Then we headed up to Hialite, and the lake was CRAZY low. Oops. I said I liked to be prepared, but I hadn’t thought it would be that bad. We made the best of it, ignoring the endless shoreline and we were rewarded with a beautiful sunset. Things don’t go as planned at any shoot. The best thing is to keep an open mind, let things happen and look for something beautiful anyway. My favorite shots from this evening were completely unplanned.  That is one of the challenges and real rewards I get from being a photographer. I can’t wait for their wedding this June.

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